The biggest challenges that every franchise owner meets and how to deal with them

The biggest challenges that every franchise owner meets and how to deal with them

The franchise model for starting a business is a great opportunity that many entrepreneurs turn into success. One of the advantages of the franchise is the solid foundation behind it, allowing franchisees not to have to deal with starting from scratch. The business model is already well-established, and the franchisor usually supports with training, strategies, and materials to ensure a great start.

However, it’s important to note that the franchise model does not mean you just buy it and wait for the success to miraculously happen. It takes persistence and hard work, and as much dedication as you’d have when starting any other new business. Many franchisees often underestimate what is required of them to have a successful business and don’t realize that just opening a new location is far from enough.

This is when the first challenges they have to face appear, and learning how to overcome them is significant. If you are new to the world of franchise business management, here are the biggest challenges you might face and how to deal with them!


  1. Establishing and managing a brand. Marketing.

Unlike the standard model for starting a business, franchising is significantly easier, and buying an already established brand helps you be one step ahead. However, when buying a franchise, you also have to take things into your hands and develop it in the particular location and for your buyer personas. 

For the business to be successful (no matter what its model is), it needs to have a well-developed marketing strategy. A strategy that is suitable for the particular franchise, for the target audience, and also to help you reach a new audience.

Before making a marketing decision, you need to think things through. Will it work for your brand or not? And if you are not sure where to start, here are a few tips from us:


  • Use the marketing materials from your franchisor - Your franchisor needs to take care of you and provide all the necessary marketing materials you need for the business. This way, you’ll be able to start with strategies that were already tried (and worked) and strategies that are for sure in correspondence with your business. There’s no doubt you’ll raise the interest this way! MindHub, as a franchisor, also provides ad and marketing materials that aim to help all franchisees cope with the challenge faster.

  • Make sure you follow all instructions given by the franchisor - This is also crucial for the success of your business. Franchisor’s guidance is already proven in time, and you can only win if you trust it.

  • Create partnerships with other businesses in town - To overcome the first obstacle as new franchise owners, you can boost your business by also looking for some opportunities to create new partnerships and business collaborations. 

  • Participating in local media to bring attention to the brand - That’s another way to put your brand in the spotlight. Each franchise needs to bloom in its location, so you can look for the support of local media such as radio, TV, or newspaper.


2. Combining your current job position with the franchise business

Many of MindHub’s franchisees are already working full-time, and the franchise business is an extra project. This usually means franchisors focus only on one of the two. You can look at the franchise as a freelance project, focusing on your main job, or you can focus your energy on developing the franchise so that it can become your main responsibility. 

Of course, this naturally leads to so many questions. Are you ready to leave your full-time job? Are you ready to devote your time to working only on the franchise? To find answers, go over all advantages and disadvantages of both, and you’ll know what’s best for you. Here are the main pros and cons:

  • On the one hand, when you work for someone else, you have more safety and significantly fewer responsibilities. But on the other hand, you have to follow strict rules, and you can't be creative or at least not at your full potential. In addition, you have fixed working hours and almost zero flexibility in terms of managing your time and tasks.

  • By starting your own business, you manage the work process yourself and this is one of the main advantages of a franchise. You can work whenever and wherever you want. You have the freedom to actually make your ideas happen! As for the cons of this business management, we could point out that you have a lot of responsibility for the business and the people involved in it. In addition, you will sometimes need to work overtime or be available if something unexpected occurs.

Whether you choose to focus on your work or on the franchise depends on what direction you want to grow and what your motivation for your future is. If you compare the two possibilities, you will be able to easily make the right decision for yourself.


3. Finding motivated people that share the same goal

And last but not least, the challenge that franchise owners often face is finding people that are as motivated as themselves. This goes for every business - you want the best employees that share your idea of how the brand should grow. 

That’s also the only way to overcome this problem. Simply look not for the “ideal” ad perfect employees but for people, whose values, views, and goals are similar to yours. This way, they’ll help you reach the end goal together - building a strong and successful brand. Look for motivated people that aim for nothing less than that.

Success is in your hands!

Every business will come with challenges on the road to success. As a franchise business owner, it is perfectly normal to face difficulties such as developing a brand, finding a balance between the franchise and your full-time job, and finding the right staff to work with. However, all this should not scare you; on the contrary - it should stimulate you to be even better, more motivated, and dedicated to your end goal.

And with MindHub’s franchise, you’ll have the support you need - you’ll receive all the necessary marketing materials, access to the important platforms and educational systems, as well as an established work model. That’s how your success is guaranteed!

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