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We believe that children are our future!

Programming courses of Telerik Academy School will be available for all kids and teens in Bulgaria and Europe.

Our collaboration with Telerik Academy School

Everyone can become a developer

Presenting the basic principles and steps in creating a computer program this first level introduces young programmers to the world of block programming. Using various basic tools to create diverse beginner projects, children learn about the key features of the computer system, learn concepts such as "software", "hardware", "algorithm", "program" and "programming environment". Harmoniously combining learning and entertainment children develop their ability for logical thinking.

The World of Web Development

Since our little programmers already have experience with two block based coding languages, it's time to smoothly get into the world of actual programming by making a comparison with what they know. During the first level, the children enter the depth of concepts such as a "browser" and "development environment" and get familiar with the web-specific terms of programming.

Mobile Apps Development

Up-building on the idea of ​​block programming by creating new useful and interesting programs this level reveals to future programmers a whole new world -  the world of mobile technologies. Through the prism of diverse projects, children learn to apply their logical thinking and knowledge in practice, while creating mobile applications that are related to real-life challenges and solve specific problems.

Provided by MindHub

The team of MindHub specialists has been able to do a significant job over the last 4 years, aiming to provide the best education for the youngest. So far, thousands of children between the ages of 6 and 11 has been MindHub students, in Bulgaria and Estonia, Romania, Macedonia and Austria. Toddlers have had the opportunity to study under a specially designed curriculum and now MindHub is making another major step aiming to reach all enthusiastic programmers between the ages of 12 and 15!

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In collaboration with Telerik Academy school

Telerik Academy School is the largest national tech-ed initiative in Bulgaria that is on a mission to prepare the children for the digital future through world-class interactive IT trainings. With more than 9 years of experience in equipping kids with key digital skills and competencies, Telerik Academy School has trained 10,000+ students ages 7 to 18 in programming and digital science to date. Thus, helping them transform from tech users into avid problem solvers, bold inventors and sought-after professionals.

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10,000+ students

3 immersive hands-on tracks in competitive programming, digital science and game development.


1,600+ kids and youths

underwent its programs in the 2018-2019 school year alone.


67 groups in 15 cities

and more than 5,700 hours of on-site courses in 2018-2019.

Make the proper choice for your child.

Give your child the opportunity to make the first steps towards the world of programming