Open a coding school
and give every child a good start!

It's never been easier to make profit and help the next generations by opening a coding school.
No previous coding experience required!

8 countries

In just two years of franchise operations we’ve opened 41 schools in 8 countries - Bulgaria, Finland, Estonia, Macedonia, Romania, Denmark, the Netherlands and the USA!

41 locations

Teach coding for kids easily with our platform. We operate 41 franchisees within 8 countries in Europe.

6,000+ students

Coding education is conducted with the MindHub platform in several schools and academies.

A set of coding tools & programming languages we use.

And that you can offer your students.

IT platform for teaching programming to children

We provide our partners with everything they need to conduct programming lessons.

Ready-made courses for children from 6 to 15 years old. Methodological materials and instructions for each lesson. A unified online platform for children and teachers.

IT Platform
MindHub Telerik School
Telerik Kids

In September, MindHub is launching for the first time programming courses for students aged 12-18 years which will be powered by Telerik Academy School. This will give an opportunity for all older enthusiasts to get acquainted with the world of programming and robotics through a number of amazing and interesting activities, programming environments and various applications.

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MindHub’s key features


No coding experience required

Our system has been specifically designed in such a way that could easily be mastered by even the least tech-savvy.


A proven successful model

Benefit from our extensive knowledge gained through engaging and educating thousands of young minds.


Custom made CRM system

Our state of the art CRM system would ensure that you focus on business rather than getting distracted by boring daily tasks.


A tailor made curriculum

You will receive our constantly improving state-of-the-art program, focused on teaching through engagement in fun activities.


Constantly rising demand

More than 8 out of 10 parents would like their kids to learn how to code.


Quick rate of return

An average ROI with us is 11 months! Tapping into a constantly growing but fragmented marked, we’ll equip you with all necessary tools to thrive.

Mindhub develops 8 of the 12 key skills of the 21st century

In such areas as IT, they quickly become obsolete or modified. In the 21st century, education will be built around skills.

Continuous learning

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork

New technologies

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Initiative
  • Productivity and responsibility

Interactions skills

  • Information literacy
  • Technological literacy

Specifically developed tools and instruments

All tools and games which we use in our classes are particularly developed for training children programming and development of logical and analytical thinking!







Choosing MindHub

  • A proven successful model
  • Custom made CRM system
  • A tailor made curriculum
  • No coding experience required
  • Constant rising demand
  • Quick rate of return

Other schools

  • A proven successful model
  • Custom made CRM system
  • A tailor made curriculum
  • No coding experience required
  • Constant rising demand
  • Quick rate of return
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Path to Ownership

Interested? Here's what happens next.

Get to know each other
Review, Approve, and Sign
Exciting Opening

Initial Investment €22,000 to €29,000

Fill out the form below to let us know you're interested in learning more. A MindHub franchising expert will follow up with you.

Initial Franchise Fee
€17,000 to €20,000
Business Licenses & Permits
€200 to €1,000
Equipment (tablets, PC, robots, etc.)
€4000 to €5500
Marketing Fees
€200 to €500
Rent, Security Deposits and Utility Deposits
€500 to €1500
Other Professional Fees
€100 to €500


We would love to hear from you! Do not hesitate to write us with all your feedback or ideas!


When I first heard about MindHub, I was afraid it would be tough to open, as I don’t have previous coding experience. We now teach 170+ kids with an affordable initial investment and we love our job.

Stoyan Trifonov

Mindhub Franchise Partner, Bulgaria


I've been researching different franchises, also the option to start something myself. MindHub gave me the best price -quality option, as well as the guidance you get every step of the way is superb.

Veurdgel Walter

MindHub Franchise Partner, The Netherlands


The idea of opening our own local coding school was а challenge we accepted with pleasure. Working to develop our kids is not only fun, but huge responsibility we took as part of our way of life.

Nikolay Yordanov

Mindhub Franchise Partner, Bulgaria


MindHub team is very professional and helpful in all aspects. The instructions they provide are so clear and detailed, that the school opening process goes very smoothly. Happy to be part of MindHub.

Natalja Safonova

MindHub Franchise Partner, Estonia


What I like most, is how you manage to engage with the kids and have them participate actively in the classes. I’m extremely pleased with your online courses as well and hope you keep doing them!

Stefan Golemanov

Parent, Mindhub client


We’ve signed our kid in MindHub Academy, because of the amazing presentation in the free Demo class. For us it’s important that he likes what he does and he’s motivated to learn more.


Parent, Mindhub client


I chose MindHub, because of your unique approach with kids and the great structure of all classes and courses. In the past year both Tervel and Kaloyan learned programing basics with Python and HTML.

Kosta Galabov

Parent, Mindhub client

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