Certified Curriculum and Teaching methodology
by Education Alliance Finland

At MindHub, we are committed to revolutionizing programming education through our Certified Pedagogical Approach. Our curriculum offers a solid framework of pre-curated material designed to nurture your child's programming skills, fostering a love for coding from a young age.

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Certified Pedagogical Approach

MindHub’s Curriculum provides a solid framework of pre-curated material for programming. Learning happens through demonstrations and projects, where students execute their own code and then can experiment with it. MindHub offers options for tasks, so the teacher can adjust the course and content to users' needs.


Project Based Learning and
Learning through experience

The curriculum doesn't assume learning to happen through observation only, more by doing and experimenting. The product is suitable for a wide range of users and offers comprehensive basic information on programming to get started and build further knowledge. There is a mix of introductory games and discussions, and a choice of programming projects with browser based tools or robots.


Structured Progress and Building Classroom Relationships

As most of the lessons are build for classroom learning, face-to-face interactions are a part of the learning experience. The kids are programming in pairs, helping and supporting each other. At the end of the final project, the kids are presenting their findings and discussing their solutions, as well as getting feedback from their peers.

MindHub Curriculum High Educational Quality Aspects

The course progress can be scheduled accurately. All tasks are timed in a professional manner that leaves enough time for surprises, questions and experimentation. The main concepts are slowly built on top of the previously learned contents. Some tasks start with an introductory game/activity, but some go straight to demonstrating code.Warm-up games and discussions are also important for creating a good classroom environment and trusting relationship with the instructor and learners.The menotrs will make sure all kids finish at the same time.


Challenges for All Levels

The mentors have plenty of choice for projects, and they can adjust the content according to the group.


Customizable Content

Lots of challenges, which meet also the needs of more advanced students.


Broad and Versatile Curriculum

MindHub curriculum is broad, versatile and it progresses logically to cover the essentials of computational thinking.

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