Effective customer services. How?

Effective customer services. How?

Communication with customers is one of the most important parts of customer services and the path to successful management of any franchise business.

The relationships you build with your customers are essential at every stage - from the initial impression you make to their long-term preservation. In order to successfully manage a business, it must first be driven by customers’ needs, not the other way around.

When the franchise business is connected to a children's programming academy, you must find the right approach to both the parents and children’s effective services. You can achieve amazing results by finding solutions on a daily basis and successful communication.

Why are customer services so important?

The truth is that this is what has the greatest impact on the efficiency of the work not only for the customers themselves but also for the team behind everything. Through the correct transmission of information, values, ideas and solutions, it is easier to reach the desired goals - successful training for children for each programming course, happy parents and happy with the work process mentors.

How to always keep up with the new trends and market demands? Bet on quality and creativity. And here are 6 more tips that MindHub has for you:

1. Don’t forget the basics

Communication with customers is important for any business and is key to its success. The attitude you should bet on includes responsiveness, care, understanding and, of course, professionalism.

Working with passion and having the right approach can be crucial for customers. They always are and will continue to trust those businesses that think of them first and foremost.

2. Listen to what they say and need

The children's academy has many advantages, and clients need to know about each of them. Show them how the MindHub program can change children's lives in a positive way, what the real benefits of programming courses will be and what effect this will have on their development in the future.

Ask for feedback from them constantly so that you can be flexible with your offers. Change them according to your customers’ needs.

3. Stay informed of innovations in the industry

Keep up with changes and innovations daily so that you can easily meet consumer's demands. You need to be informed about the technical part and the issues with the programming itself, as well as the new approaches used for children's education.

Always offer a variety of solutions and keep parents informed throughout the process so that they feel safe and secure.

4. Make them feel important and valued

The more conversations you have with your clients, the more you will understand their expectations and requirements. Communication is successful only when there is open correspondence on both sides.

Make sure your conversations are clear by explaining any terminology that customers may not be familiar with. Build a friendly and positive relationship that is the foundation of successful communication. This way, the clients will feel valuable and confident in their choice.

5. Be fast and flexible in your reactions

In the process of work, you can often find yourself in an unforeseen situation or an unfavourable one. This should not startle you or derail you; quite the opposite. It is important to react quickly and adapt to different situations, finding solutions.

Be flexible and offer your customers options that meet their needs, and you can be sure that you will ensure effective customer services. The conditions around us are changing intensely, but this should not be an obstacle for you. If you get in the right rhythm, it will work in your favour.

As Tony Robbins says, "Be committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach."

6. Be responsible and stay engaged 

According to Project.co, 74% of people have stopped working for a company and moved to a competitor because they feel that the company is not well organized.

The tight and organized team of mentors, the responsibility to the children in the academy, and the commitment to them are among the foundations of the successful management you strive for.

Keep a close eye on the organization in your team and take responsibility for everything that happens. Keep an eye on everything and commit to the necessary changes so that your clients can be satisfied.

Effective customer service is one of the essentials for business success. It guarantees a positive feedback, satisfied customers, and not only keeping them as clients but also attracting new ones. Therefore, rely on communication, listening to the needs of parents and children, awareness, flexibility, and quick reactions.

If you feel ready and think this is your approach, become part of our family and apply for a franchise at MindHub!

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