MindHub is a network of coding schools for kids

We teach kids programming fundamentals and help them to develop their logical and analytical thinking.
Help us make the change for our kids and open a coding school, it's never been easier!

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The methodology Mindhub uses to teach children computer programming is based on gamification and working into small teams on variety of projects and games. Kids gain experience which is very important for the future, creating and presenting their own games and animations, coding robots and their artificial intelligence, working in small groups.


A set of coding tools & programming languages we use.

And that you can offer your students.

IT platform for teaching programming to children

We provide our partners with everything they need to conduct programming lessons.

Ready-made courses for children from 6 to 11 years old. Methodological materials and instructions for each lesson. A unified online platform for children and teachers.

IT Platform

Specifically developed tools and instruments

All tools and games which we use in our classes are particularly developed for training children programming and development of logical and analytical thinking!







Segmented coding classes

In our coding classes we use our proprietary innovative curriculum, specifically segmented for the age and the abilities of the students. The MindHub Curriculum is segregated into 3 segments - MindHub Junior (6 & 7 years old kids), MindHub Middle (8 and 9 years old kids) and MindHub Senior (10 and 11 years old kids).


6 - 7 YEARS

Logical and algorithmic thought process. Calculative thinking and basic algorithms.

Dash & Dot; Osmo Coding; Scratch Junior; HopScotch



8 - 9 YEARS

Analytical thinking. Programming and block programming basics.

Dash & Dot; Osmo Coding; Sphero Sprk+; Scratch



10 - 11 Years

Programming basics. Game development. Program languages.

Sphero Sprk+; Micro:bit; Python; Scratch


Mindhub develops 8 of the 12 key skills of the 21st century

In such areas as IT, they quickly become obsolete or modified. In the 21st century, education will be built around skills.

Continuous learning

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork

New technologies

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Initiative
  • Productivity and responsibility

Interactions skills

  • Information literacy
  • Technological literacy

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You can count on our dedicated Franchise Customer Success team as well as on our comprehensive partner onboarding platforms.

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5 countries

In just a year of operation we’ve opened 12 franchise schools in 5 countries - Bulgaria, Estonia, Macedonia, Romania and Austria!

12 locations

Teach coding for kids easily with our platform. We operate 11 franchisees within 5 countries in Europe.

5,000+ students

Coding education is conducted with the MindHub platform in several schools and academies.


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When I first heard about MindHub, I was afraid it would be tough to open a school as I don't have previous coding experience. We know teach 170+ kids with an affordable initial investment. We love our job as we're helping the kids learn essential skills for the jobs of the future!

Stoyan Trifonov

Franchise Partner at Mindhub

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